Marketing plan Fall 2011

Mission Statement
1. The mission statement for Clinique as a part of Estee Lauder Companies says: "Bringing the best to everyone we touch".
2. The concept of a 3-step skin care system and how it relates to the target market.
Clinique was created in 1968, the idea that women take an active approach to their own skin care was new. Women didnt want to accept the wisdom: "what you are born with is what you've got". So dermatologists found a way how to create something special. They combined facial cleansing with soap, exfoliation and moisturizing twice a day and came up with a 3-step skin care system. Clinique was found to be the first consumer-oriented, allergy tested and 100% fragrance free line in the beauty industry.
Target market
The way Clinique relates to the target market is very unique, because the company focuses on induvidual needs, skin types and age, and then segments the market according to those factors. Clinique has a wide range of products for all skin types. Clinique primarily targets young women, but a lot of older women use Clinique's products due to customer loyalty that has been established thanks to Clinique's high quality.
Clinique has positioned itself as one of the most attractive cosmetic brands for young women, due to it's emphasis on technology, dermatologist recommendations, and slightly lower prices than other high-end brands.
What are the 3 steps?
Step 1: Cleanse
Liquid Facial Soap
Clinically formulated cleansing-that's how great skin starts. Clinique dermatologists believe soap is best. It leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, comfortable-perfectly prepped for the exfoliating action.
Step 2: Exfoliate
Clarifying Lotion
Exfoliation is the engine of skin renewal. Why Clinique's dermatologist-developed Clarifying Lotion is the diffrence-maker? It reveals clearer, smoother skin-perfectly prepped for moisture. Uncovers skin's natural radiance. A gentle "tingle" tells us it's working.
Step 3: Moisturize
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Hydrated skin doesn't just look smoother and healthier-it's better able to function as a barrier against external agressors. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is the moisture "drink" developed by Clinique dermatologists to maintain skin's optimal moisture balance. Works to soften, smooth, improve the condition and texture of your skin.

3. SWOT Analysis.
Estee Lauder owns Clinique and 24 other sub-brands
Major contributor and name in the cosmetic industry
Advocate of skin care products
Customized cosmetics with individual solutions
Allergy tested and 100% fragrance free
First to intoduce dermatological-based products
Differentiated by clean-cut, sophisticated approach
Uses minimalist packaging
Maintains signature mint green color
Sense of finesee, not flash despite a high glam market
Has more products for younger skin, than aging skin
Reach a growing, younger female audience
Develop more skin care products for men
Reduces redness and acne on a daily basis
Customers can buy products online
Social networking (Facebook, Twitter)
All products are made from natural ingredients
Competition with cheaper, discount store prices
High-glam cosmetic marketplace is increasing
Competing brands are becoming hypo-allergenic
Mineral-base make-up and skin care is becoming popular
Some people perceive Clinique to be old-fashioned
Competitors are developing similar products with additional features and benefits
Marketing objectives
- to attract the male population to the product and keep them coming back
- one way to accomplish this is to include a helpful, quick and easy study guide for men on how to use facial products each day
- to improve profits by increasing sales or reducing costs
- to increase sales by improving the companie's shares in domestic and international markets
- to invest in intensive research and design programs to make sure the products are always new and one step above the competition
- continue to create quality products and keep them simple and easy to use for consumers
- to promote business by giving out bonuses, samples of products, advertising, etc.

4. Clinique's retailing activities.
People that work at Clinique are trying to make a great first impression on  customers. They want them to have a great experience in the retail store and make sure that they come back. Retail store is a face of a company: the way it looks, atmosphere, technology, design, etc. It is very important to keep everything organized and in order, so it is easy to find a certain product. Sales consultants at Cinique are real trained professionals, who are wearing lab coats with name tags. So anytime customers can easily address them and get an answer to any question they might have. Shopping at Clinique is a unique experience, because there on the spot you can find out your skin type and get the product you need just in a few minutes.

Clinique as a global leader in beauty, continues to drive consumer service innovation by introducing new digital technologies at retail stores. As the first dermatologist developed cosmetics brand, Clinique was founded on the philosophy that great skin can be created. Clinique continues its tradition by pioneering the connection between dermatology and cosmetics through a custom-fit beauty experience. Clinique becomes the first cosmetics brand to use the Apple iPad in-store as part of a state-of-the-art, self-guided skin care diagnostic tool being rolled out at select counters nationwide.

“By integrating digital technologies into the Clinique shopping experience, we are offering the consumer a stimulating and socially modern way to connect with the brand,”said Lynne Greene, Global Brand President of Clinique.

Using software exclusive to Clinique on the Apple iPad at Clinique counters, consumers identify their skin care concerns and receive personalized recommendations using a 90-second computer-guided skin care analysis. The diagnostic tool processes over 180,000 product combinations that precisely match each consumer’s personal needs. At the end of the intuitive analysis, consumers receive a printout or email with a list of their custom-fit product recommendations. 

Another innovation in retail life is Clinique Smart Bar powered by Microsoft Surface. Clinique is the first beauty brand to use Microsoft Surface in-store. The Clinique Smart Bar, an oversized touch screen counter that can detect objects and gestures using the embedded Microsoft Surface unit, was installed at Bloomingdale’s flagship store at 59th Street in New York City. The new digital interface is perfect for groups browsing together or for the busy shopper who wants to pick up products and go. Consumers are introduced to an immersive, collaborative and fun shopping experience by placing specially tagged Clinique products on the Clinique Smart Bar.

After accessing product information,’s best in class user reviews and how-to videos, shoppers can easily add their favorite products to a virtual browsing basket. The user-friendly application allows shoppers to print out a barcode and present it at the nearby express service counter for quick checkout. If they choose, shoppers can socialize the experience by sharing the virtual browsing basket directly to their Facebook wall for all of their friends to see. An email sharing option is also available to ensure that consumers can easily access their product selections.
5. Magazine advertisement.

Every girl knows what it feels like to be embarrassed of your own skin. But you don’t have to be.
Say “YES” to great skin with Clinique.
Clinique makes it easy with 3 steps, only 3 minutes twice a day.
3 Step Skin Care system is dermatologists developed, allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. It has 4 versions for different skin types.
Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize is all you need to bring life to your skin.

6. Promotion.
The Holiday Season is coming up and everybody wants to look their best!!!
We are happy to invite you to a Beauty Week at Clinique, where you can get everything you need at a discounted price 20% or more. It will take place at all participating locations 1st-7th of November, 2011.
All customers during Beauty Week will be able to get a free dermatologist and makeup consultation, tips on the best products and colors for their skin and advice on how to take care of their skin to make it look perfect. That is a dream come true and our gift to all customers.
All you need to do is to attend one of our locations and you will get a sample of our best known product 3 step skin care system for FREE with no purchase necessary!!!
Visit us during the Beauty Week and you will get the best experience ever!!!

7. Integrated marketing communications.
Marketing communicatins are very important for Clinique. The complany is using advertisement, promotions and customer satisfaction surveys to reach out to their consumers and meet their needs at different points. Clinique uses different communication channels to bee seen and heard by the customers.

I. Magazine advertisement
It is always the best method to reach the consumer using visual ads and celebrities to promote the company and their product. Magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc. are advertising Clinique, which gives a consumer an idea of quality.
II. Electronic commerse
Clinique was one of the first cosmetic brands to offer online shopping in 1996. It is very convenient and suits busy lifestyle. A consumer is just few "clicks" away from getting information about the products and making a purchase. Internet allows customers to shop fron their homes and makes it easier and faster.
III. Mobile Apps
Life on-the-go is another feature that became popular. All you need is a cell phone and you can stay connected to Clinique 24/7. The company has an app that will help the consumer to make the right decision. Clinique Forecast app instantly gives you the day's forecast so you can help protect your skin accordingly - and ultimately look younger, longer.
IV. Social networks
One of the most effective contact points with the consumer is social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Clinique has a page on both, where you can look up customers reviews, opinions and experiences with the brand. People share thoughts with their friends and entire world. Customers can stay connected to the brand at all times, take surveys, get free samples and participate in interesting events.
8. Clinique's 3 Step Skin Care system in 2012.
There are a lot of things going on at the moment in the company, because of the upcoming holidays like Christmas and New year's. Clinique has a lot of gifts, that are given to their regular customers and website members with their purchases. They see a big future for their best selling product 3 Step Skin Care system in the upcoming 2012. The whole month of January is going to be a holiday giveaway month, where customers will enjoy free samples of the best selling product with a minimum purchase of $25.
The company is always expanding and trying to cover more territories, trying to bring their products to a bigger population. They have just launched Clinique website in Malaysia, which is going to be running a promotion with their 3 step Skin Care system in 2012. It is planned to start around January and last until July, 2012. Customers have to write a review about their personal experience with the product and submit it online, once that part is done they are going to get their free sample of the product in the mail. Simply great idea to get more customers' feedback on the product and start a new year with a great opportunity to be able to operate in another part of the world.
Other exciting news is that Clinique Bonus Time is going to continue in 2012 as well. All participating locations will offer customers a small gift bag with any purchase. The bag will come with all sorts of all-time favourite products: an entire 3 Step Skin Care system, products for de-aging, redness, uneven skin ton, spots and pores. And this is just simply the beginning of the year 2012, that already looks very bright for all the customers. It will make them happy to start their new year and look fabulous with the help of Clinique's 3 Step Skin Care system. All of this hard work and promotions will bring great results to the company, increase it's sales and attract more people.
9. Strategy for a long-term success for Clinique's 3 step skin care system.  
Success starts with a great quality product and effective mission statement that would grab people's attention, which belongs to Clinique as a part of Estee Lauder Companies: "Bringing the best to everyone we touch". Clinique was on the market since 1968 and it is long enough to earn respect and trust from customers. The company was one of the first cosmetic brands to launch the website, that allowed people purchase goods online from their homes. The website improved a lot over time and now is continuing to serve people in different parts of the world.
Success starts with defining target market and properly relating to it, which is a very unique job. 3 Step Skin Care system focuses on individual needs and different skin types, so it allows each customer to pick their own set compatible with their skin type. For the long-term success of the product the company should always be aware of it's strenghts: allergy tested, 100% fragrance free,customized cosmetics with individual solutions; try to eliminate weaknesses: minimalist packaging with a signature mint green color, has more products for younger skin, than aging skin; use all the opportunities: develop more skin products for men, reach a growing, younger female audience; and pay attention to threats: competition with cheaper, discount store prices, competitors that are developing similar products with additional features and benefits.
In order to succeed the company should have clear marketing objectives: attract the male population to the product and keep them coming back, improve profits by incresing sales, invest in intensive research and design programs, promote business by giving out bonuses, samples,etc. If the company achieves those goals over a certain period of time, it will prove the effectiveness of their marketing plan. Keeping up with retailing activities is also very important. A lot of customers judge by their first impression of a store, location, consultants, service,etc. Great experience should be provided in the retail store to ensure come back and repetitive sales. Consultants wearing white lab coats will always be a unique trait of the brand, it will be remembered, because it stands out.
Long-term marketing strategies are those that bring a steady stream of customers over time. These will continue to produce results even years down the road: effective advertisement (magazines, TV, internet), promotions (holiday season, giving away freebies, beauty week), blogging, participating in forums, electronic commerce (online shopping), mobile apps (life on-the-go, being able to keep up with the brnd 24/7), social networking (Facebook, Twitter).